Ad Boards at Gold Coast Races

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Whether it’s an ongoing Walking Ad Boards Campaign or a one off Ad Board we will ensure your promotion is reaching the right audience and is impossible to ignore.

Adboards stand out from the crowd, they interact with your audience in real time making it the ideal medium for immediate call to action.

From large events to shopping centres to coastal gathering areas, Adboards are a cost-effective solution that ensure you literally walk amongst your audience.


Join the crowds, be creative, target your message. There are lots of ways to connect with audiences by targeting community and sporting events in your area with local campaigns for local businesses. Talk to major events about promoting their sponsors as added value and capture big event audiences as they leave the venue.

Use AdBoards digital options to capture prospective customers. With our simple SMS and link technology you can have a call to action campaign as well as generating awareness for your products and services with our Ad boards.

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