Below are some FAQ on how Ad Boards Plus operate and details on your Ad Board booking

How do I gain access for an Ad Board in my area?

Some councils require a permit for Ad Board operation in some areas. This is a simple on line process that can be completed quickly. We know the councils and regions and once your campaign has been confirmed we will handle this for you. Sometime councils will charge a green fee of $15 to cover littering associated with leaflets. Other areas such as shopping centres require permits but have a simple on line process to apply. Adboards holds all the necessary public liability insurance and will pay the fees associated with permits on your behalf. This process is incorporated in our booking fee of $125. Often events and other public spaces have no requirements for permits. We can identify these areas for you at the time of booking.

How long is each Ad Board booking?

Our base unit is 3 hours. Longer bookings can be organised but often there is a 3 hours restriction with some councils. Pre and post-game activity may require an additional labour hire charge for a split shift. We can help you plan.

Can I change material during a session or campaign?

Typically, bookings use the same material for the same day. Where you wish to change out material we can accommodate this with a $50 changeover fee per board. There are some logistics to manage around this especially with having access to the material to do the change-over So please discuss at the time of booking.

What happens with delivery and pick up of material?

Your material needs to be on hand at our distribution hub 7 working days prior to booking. We can hold material or deliver back to you at the end of the campaign.

If we are producing artwork electronic files also need to be on hand 7 working days prior. We will check in with you aheadof the 7 days to ensure the deadline is on track.

Can I change the digital message on my Aboard?

Our team may change your message on-the-go by a simple Bluetooth pairing with the board. It must to be near location. We charge a fee of $50 per board to do updates. You must discuss this at the time of booking.

What happens with cancellations or weather-related changes?

At all times we need to be flexible Our boards operate in all conditions so it is unlikely we will allow cancellation of the booking. In some circumstances of exceptionally bad weather we will provide a credit for the booking to use again and charge a 50% cancellation fee as this will need to be used to pay staff and contractors associated with the delivery of your campaign.

How do I know who has seen my Adboard?

Like all media we provide opportunities to view advertising. We target areas and times when we expect good audiences and traffic counts. Our team can track and provide real-time data on walkers throughout your campaign – you must discuss this at the time of booking.

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