Walk Amongst Your Customers! PEET utilise AdBoards for instant engagement

The event – Chinese New Year in Northbridge was lively, vibrant, near perfect weather and very good crowds right throughout our 3 hour time slot with PEETs target market having many interactions with our Promotional Staff

PEET’s target market for this activation was to engage with young city professionals 24 to 39 to provide awareness of a new development within the Perth CBD

The blocked off James Street, was full of food stalls, and family activities Dragon Dance, pipe bands. This with upcoming FRINGE FESTIVAL crowd making the total precinct a fun environment, we estimate attendance between  5,000 to 7,500 people

The crowd engagement was instant, within 30 seconds of their deployment  the public were approaching with questions and curiosity as they walked past.

What set this activation apart was the vibrant creative, complimented with matching T Shirts, the engagement with their target market in the street was made even easier by AdBoards Plus promotional staff handing out vouchers with an invitation to find out more and visit the proposed site to enjoy a free coffee.

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