Promote your POP UP Sale – DFO promote Black Friday Sales with AdBoards Plus

DFO approached AdBoards Plus to promote their Black Friday Sale to shoppers within the Perth CBD as the Holiday sales period ramps up.

DFO needed a way to ambush and engage with shoppers while keeping the message simple and to the point – AdBoards Plus provided the perfect solution with our mobile billboards roaming up and down the main Malls throughout the busy period.

Two AdBoards and promotional staff were utilised to promote DFO’s Black Friday Sale during the peak time in the city for shoppers on a Saturday, coinciding with the City of Perth launching their Christmas lights, Christmas program and Free Parking promotion – a large crowd was a given. A further crowd was on hand for a live meet and greet book signing.

As with every AdBoards Plus promotion our mobile Adboards and promotional staff got plenty of attention and our staff where happy to engage in conversation about DFO, their Black Friday sale and the some of the brands that will be on sale. As with every AdBoards Plus promotion, our staff were continually moving up and down the malls and utilising high foot-traffic locations to maximise brand awareness.

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